Booking a domain name and hosting package with LetsHost

  1. Log into LetsHost
  2. Make sure the name you pick has the right keywords to describe your service or product, not necessarily your company name as keywords in your domain name help with the search engine optimisation. Remember domain name with .ie will do better for the home market.
  3. To buy  the domain name type the name you want into the green box area on the front page of the LetsHost website.
  4. check the domain name is available by pressing go.
  5. Then press Order now and make sure to press on: [No Hosting! Click to Add].
  6. Select Complete Cloud Hosting order the first hosting package on the page.
  7. Use a domain already in my shopping cart
  8. Click on this and go onto Product Configuration.
  9. Don’t press any add ons just press Add to cart
  10. You may need to give information on your business and why you need this domain name.
  11. Then you pay by Visa and confirm the order.
  12. LetsHost will confirm hosting package by email .

When you have the hosting package we can then help you upload WordPress software to your hosting server and train you in on developing your WordPress website.

Here are some links to WordPress website we have developed:

We provide one to one training for €50 per hour in South Dublin and Wicklow areas. To view our service and for design ideas in WordPress, check out our web training site or our web design site at:


About Sheena Gogarty Web Designer

I'am a free lance web designer based in Wicklow and I service Dublin, wicklow and Wexford areas. I have been working in the design industry for 20 years. With my creative skills and technical know- how I can develop a web site for you that is attractive, functional and easily accessed.
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  1. Lucie says:

    I personally blog as well and I’m creating a little something comparable
    to this blog post, Blinds To Go “Booking a domain name and hosting
    package with LetsHost | Website Training”.
    Would you mind if I reallywork with a number of your own concepts?
    Thanks for your time -Phillip

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